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This juice is produced in harmony with the laws of nature. Our company respects the land on which pomegranate orchards grow and bloom.
We do not use pesticides and do not stress the soil. We do not demand more from the land than it can give us.
  • Натуральный сок
  • Натуральный сок
Натуральный сок
100% Natural juice
Natural juice, made from fully ripe and peeled from skin pomegranates, that were grown in sunny Azerbaijan.
Heat treatment
60°С heat treatment
60 °C heat treatment in this temperature regime of 60 degrees, the maximum amount of nutrients and the taste of juice are preserved.
To achieve a unique combination of juice, we used four varieties of pomegranate, combining the sweeter types with the more acidic once. Thus, the overall taste is more balanced and deeper.

Packaged in a chemically neutral container - a 1 litter glass bottle. The taste of directly pressed pomegranate juice may differ in different batches, since no taste correction is performed for this product.

There is a natural sediment in the bottle, which indicates that it is freshly pressed juice and not a diluted concentrate.

Timnar Timnar Timnar
1 litter glass bottle
Natural sediment

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