About us

The oldest producer of pomegranate juice in Russia, “TIMNAR” - we have been specializing in the production and sale of the product since 1998.

Our achievements in the production of pomegranate juice are awarded. We perfectly understand the great social responsibility that lies on the shoulders of the manufacturer, since pomegranate juice is one of the first products that is brought to the hospital.

This is a juice that gives health with every sip. The main consumers of pomegranate juice are people who care about their well-being. We can not let them down.

From the moment of its foundation and up to the present time, the hallmark of the producer of pomegranate juice TIMNAR is cold-pressed pomegranate juice. We make this product from fresh raw materials by the process of flash pasteurization at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and pack it in a chemically neutral container - glass bottle. Only such a complex and rarely used technology makes it possible to obtain the best product.

Our production

Organic pomegranate juice should contain minimal percentage of sugar or be sugar free. Therefore, our TIMNAR PREMIUM juice contains no more than 3% sugar, and it is added only to compensate the acidity of the juice.

СSince 2012, our branded bottle with the company logo protects our pomegranate juice from counterfeiting. Until this year, the company was known under the name of “ANTIM PRODUCT”. We were the first to launch our own pomegranate juice trademark for Russian food retailer X5 Retail Group (Perekrestok retail chain). Our foreign partners highly appreciate the level of quality provided by the TIMNAR company. For export, juice is sold both under our brand and under Own Trademark.

The biggest secret of TIMNAR is the stable quality, organic origin, and health benefits of our pomegranate juice.



All products are made only from high-quality raw materials of our own production and raw materials from one of the world's leading manufacturers.



By achieving optimization of production and trading process, our company can offer best price rate. This allows you to have the best price for high quality products.



TIMNAR LLC has a well-coordinated team of associates who have been working together for 16 years in the Republic of Azerbaijan (Ganja), Russia (Makhachkala) and Europe (Spain).
Expansion: In 2014, production was launched in Spain to provide European consumers with quality pomegranate juice.

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