Golden Timeli

1 litter and 500 ml

No preservatives

100% natural


Cold pressed juice

To achieve a unique combination of juice, we used four varieties of pomegranate, combining the sweeter types with the more acidic once. Thus, the overall taste is more balanced and deeper.

Main components
of «TIMNAR» pomegranate juice

Vitamins C (its concentration in Azerbaijani pomegranates is up to 8,5%), B1,B2,PP,E,A

Vitamins C (its concentration in Azerbaijani pomegranates is up to 8,5%), B1,B2,PP,E,A



Organic acids (with citric acid prevailing)

Organic acids (with citric acid prevailing)

Digestible sugars (glucose and fructose), tannin.

Packaged in a chemically neutral container - a 1 liter glass bottle. The taste of directly pressed pomegranate juice may differ in different batches, since no taste correction is performed for this product, and the used processing temperature preserves the taste of the primary product. TIMNAR Premium contains no preservatives or GMOs. From the moment the fruit is pressed and until it is bottled, the raw material is stored in refrigerated containers.

There is a natural sediment in the bottle, which indicates that it is freshly pressed juice and not a diluted concentrate. Therefore, it is advised to shake the product before use. The juice is made from natural cold-pressed pomegranate juice produced in Azerbaijan with a small addition of sugar. The shelf life of the juice is 2 years, which also represents the high quality of the product.


Composition pomegranate juice, water, sugar
Nutritional value per 100 g. of the product Carbohydrates 12g – 16g. Acid not more than 18-20%
Energy value per 100 g. of product 62.0 Kcal
Store at temperatures from +5 to + 25C
Storage Store an opened bottle in the refrigerator for no more than three days.
Shelf life 2 year
Produced<br> in Azerbaijan
in Azerbaijan
  • Natural sediment, typical of natural juice, is allowed
  • For children and patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, use diluted with water added to taste
  • Directions for use: Shake the bottle slightly before serving

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